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International Orders & Shipping Information

Product Types & Delivery Charges

Cost of delivery charges may vary depending on the product(s) ordered.  Please scroll down for the international shipping rates and the other details
.The standard parts included with the delivery bicycle
The bike will come with its full set of standard components 

International Delivery Methods

 BikesThe most cost efficient international delivery is via Hong Kong Post Office.
Confirmed bicycle orders will be dispatch to the post office within 48hours.
Average delivery time may take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the country being delivered and the type of method used. 
Delivery may take longer than expected during post office peak seasons. After dispatch a tracking number will be provided for tracking the delivery.  

Delivery Fee and Extra Charges
Worldwide delivery is available.
As a guideline, common shipping rates samples are listed below.
Standard conversion rate of HKD to USD = 7.75HKD to 1.00USD
Shipping to:Canada - USD50.00 approx
United KingdomUSD60.00 approx
Australia - USD50.00 approx 
France – USD60.00 approx 
+Managing, Courier and Stamp duty fee of USD20.00
Please note that shipping rates may vary with different countries within the zone, please check the price through this website:http://app1.hongkongpost.com/calc/eng/overseas/step1.php
1.        Please select “Parcel”
2.        Then select your country in from drop down menu.
3.        Next in the weight of your mail, please enter 20000(g) as this converts to 20KG which is the standard weight of our BSP shipping box.  

As a sample, cost to sent a bike would be as follows:
Bicycle ordered: 'Roarer' USD294.00
Shipping to Australia USD50.00
Managing/Courier/Stamp Fee USD20.00
Total cost of the shipped bicycle will be USD364

Collection Point
Buyer will need to collect the bicycle from the nearest Local Post Office.

  Bike Packaging and Assembly

Due to size restrictions imposed by Hong Kong Post Office, we are unable to provide a fully assembled bicycle.
 All bicycles ordered for international shipping is 3/4 (75%) assembled.
The simple assembly procedure should take no longer then 30mins.
A step by step manual are included in the package.
All bicycle orders are inspected by our qualified mechanics prior to packaging for dispatch, ensuring all orders are as of highest quality.

International Returns Policy
On receipt of your goods, if you feel it is faulty due to manufacture quality defects, please call our Returns Department on +852 2682 9918 or contact us for further advice.  



 tai_ckt BSP單車 FS-1619 (Cain) 5 Speed Folding bike(variety of color) - 效率十分高又有善的賣家!謝謝你( 2010-11-14 15:53)

 archanfel125 BSP Bikes 摺車 Walter (FS-2054) 收到貨品了。謝謝!(2010-10-22 04:03)

allylam BSP Kingsley MS-2463 24吋全避震車 - good seller ...thanks (2010-04-07 19:13)

joec6171213 BSP Kingsley MS-2463 24吋全避震車-  三個字~平、靚、正!服務一流,值得推薦! (2010-03-14 17:20)

physicscentre BSP單車 FS-1651(Baron) 16吋5 速後震摺車 16 inches 5 speed rear sus folding   - The quality of the bike is very good! Perfect seller! Hope to trade with you next time! (2010-02-10 14:01)

peterma1888  BSP單車 FS-2039 20吋 變速避震摺疊車 - 交易已完成 非常好的賣家 交收快 準時有禮 十分滿意 極力推介 (2010-02-04 23:33)

boababe06  BSP 20吋 5速摺疊車Oakley FS-2052 Folding bike  好買家,感謝您給予我們的評分!! (2009-12-18 03:29)

manmd8575  BSP 20吋後避震摺車 Eden(FS-2039) 20 inches folding bicycle 好專業的賣家有禮又細心十分好!! (2009-12-24 19:57)

smansmithy BSP單車 F-2055 (Alana) 20 吋 單速摺車 20 inches Single Speed Folding bike nice (2009-12-23 22:06)

pat_68755638 BSP 20吋後避震摺車 Eden(FS-2039) 20 inches folding bicycle 很有信用, 準時收到貨品....單車好流暢...thx (2009-12-03 21:28)

jacob0213yuen BSP 26吋全避震單車 MS-2661 VOLCANO FULL SUSPENSIONED BICYCLE  準時的賣家, 質素比美名牌, 有需要的話一定再會光顧. (2009-12-02 11:59)

wesmobile BSP單車 FS-2039 (Eden) 20吋 5速後震摺車 - 20 inches 5 speed rear sus folding very good buyer,準時,交易爽怏 (2009-11-19 19:20)

jc6399 BSP單車 FS-2039 (Eden) 20吋 5速後震摺車 - 20 inches 5 speed rear sus folding 十萬個~Good!極專業及細心!詳細為我解釋單車組件,摺合及展開單車細節,有朋友買單車,一定介紹你。 (2009-11-13 10:55)

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